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7 tips for healthy eating around Christmas

Christmas also includes visiting Christmas markets. Not all cyclists are looking forward to this time. The offer often doesn't match what you usually put on your plate at home. Many foods are very high in calories and the list of ingredients often does not fit into the personal diet plan. It's not that easy when it comes to drinks either. The question about the mug of mulled wine or punch comes up every year. Should I or shouldn't I? Is it okay to take a sip of alcohol after training or should it be the dreaded one?

Although the Christmas markets offer many foods and drinks that shouldn't necessarily be on the daily menu of cyclists, there are also plenty of opportunities in between to support recovery after training and not consume excessive calories.

The Motor Press (BikeX) asked for some tips how to survive one or the other visit to the Christmas market even during everyday training and what delicacies are on offer.

I wish you a happy Advent and lots of fun at the Christmas markets (Christmas markets)!

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