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Familiar faces at the biathlon world cup

It's been almost 18 years since the paths of Max Testa and Eric Heiden crossed paths with me. Back then, I was still at the beginning of my career in sports nutrition, while the two were working in cycling and already had many years of top-class sports experience. The famous Eric Heiden as an athlete and coach (both speed skating, cycling) and Max Testa as coach (especially cycling).

In the following years, I supported athletes of Max and Eric with my nutrition knowledge and skills, first as part of my studies and stay in Utah (US speed skating, World Tour cyclists) and then as head of nutrition at the BMC Racing Team. Although we are now working in other areas again, contact has never been broken off and we're still in contact about  athletes' support. And then there is our friendship, still a tight bond between us today. It is also why Max and Eric came to the Biathlon World Cup in Soldier Hollow today. Say hello to me and watch the Biathlon World Cup.

We used today's meeting for an exchange: nutrition and training details! It's still nice to chat about high performance sports and some key elements. As beautiful as it was 18 years ago!

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