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The nutrition plan of an athlete

We find them on the internet, read them in books, and get them from our nutrition apps. A nutrition plan helps us take control of our daily diet. Sometimes, we can also come across plans followed by elite athletes. Each plan is tailored to their individual dietary needs. Some people take these plans as examples and even implement them as if they were their own.

The Format

There are many ways to plan nutrition for an athlete. Not all athletes are the same, and not all respond well to the same plan. While some may prefer a very detailed plan, others may lean towards a broader, more general guideline.

In the beginning, having a somewhat detailed plan can be helpful. It can be overwhelming, posing a challenge, but having a clear plan is crucial. Especially at the start, more information is often beneficial. Knowing when to eat, the right portion sizes, and meal composition are all essential. It's not enough to be aware of daily nutritional needs and then arbitrarily decide when and how to distribute food.

However, there are other factors that make a nutrition plan a good one.


Copying someone else's plan is never the same as having your own plan that caters to YOUR needs and considers YOUR preferences. Think about it... We all have different daily routines. We live our own lives in different environments. We all have different goals. Why would you choose a plan tailored to someone else's needs and use it for your goals?

What happens when people follow someone else's plan: they adjust it as they see fit to match their preferences. This is understandable; we want it to fit. Sometimes meals are skipped or added, menu components are omitted because they are not available. Others follow someone else's plan down to the last detail because they believe it fits. Do you know what the idea behind such a plan is? What training phase it was designed for? WHETHER weight loss or gain was the goal? Whether there were specific nutrient needs that had to be met? Whether any medical aspects had to be considered? All of this factors into a good nutrition plan. Many details that need to be considered during creation. It's definitely more than eating a certain amount of carbohydrates, protein, and fats daily until bedtime.


It is also important to emphasize that a plan must be flexible. There is no food that must be eaten at a specific time. There are alternatives for protein and carbohydrates, and there are different sources of fat. Although some foods may be better suited in certain situations, there is always a small selection of options.

Some people follow a very strict plan, and unforeseen changes cause stress. Nutrition doesn't work that way. A good plan allows for flexibility and change. These changes are sometimes necessary when our daily schedules change. A monthly plan is good, but who can say what will happen on a Monday three weeks from now? There must be the possibility of revision; otherwise, the plan does not suit our needs.

The Numbers

The most common questions: How many grams of that should I eat? How many calories does this day have? It has become a widespread assumption that we need to know and count the exact calories. People count every calorie they eat in a day. Every gram of carbohydrates and fat is recorded. Therefore, a plan is considered good only if it lists the exact numbers. Some are convinced that it must be precisely this exact amount of carbohydrates for it to fit. Many new devices provide us with a lot of data. Unfortunately, this has led many to believe that there are exact values one must eat. However, there is no one exact value. A plan gives us an approximate amount (range) for macronutrients.


In recent years, thanks to new research studies, we have learned a lot about the importance of nutrient timing. When do we eat? When do we engage in sports? The proper temporal coordination is crucial for the outcome. And it also impacts our well-being and health. Therefore, a good nutrition plan not only specifies how much of something we should eat but also when it should be consumed.

Do you believe you need a nutrition plan tailored to your individual needs? Then, write to me, and I will create a personalized nutrition plan for you!

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