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How to shine in the World Cup at 50

Our body undergoes many changes and adjustments over the course of life. Influences from our environment change us, but a lot is also happening within us over the years. We grow up, we develop into mature athletes and we age and gradually lose performance. The aging process in the body initially has the advantage that we become more efficient from the baby years on. A lot of training is behind us until we reach our best years. That's when we all reach the point where our physical performance gradually goes downhill again. In sport, we notice this primarily because we need longer after intensive exercise to be fully regenerated. With increasing age, it is also more difficult to remain efficient in some areas of sport. Especially with explosive, fast-paced movements, the drop in performance comes earlier. On the other hand, endurance work can be performed at a very high level for even longer and the waste starts a little later. Physiological changes also have an impact on nutrition, which may become even more important with age.

Claudia Riegler recently turned 50 years old. The ORF asked how it is possible to still participate in a World Cup at the age of 50. How can you still be efficient at 45 or 50 years of age? What contributes to this? There are some details about this in the article!

Link to the article (available until November 19, 2023)

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