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Successful cooking starts with a well-planned shopping trip. We are currently going through a time where planning ahead is important again. Shopping should be limited to a few times a week. The less often you have to go, the better! Therefore, especially in these days, it is crucial to plan your shopping well and also think about what you will need and want to cook the day after tomorrow. A healthy, balanced diet not only means getting fresh fruits and vegetables, whole foods, and unprocessed items. A balanced diet should also be diverse. Introduce something new to your menu every day, providing your body with different, equally important nutrients than the day before. To avoid realizing at home that you forgot something, here's a shopping list:

Einkaufsliste Lebensmittel & Haushalt

Variety in nutrition is particularly important for athletes. Especially now, when training volume is reduced because some cannot train in sports halls or training centers, variety and quality in nutrition are crucial. Portions become smaller due to reduced training load, so the nutrient density of meals should increase to continue meeting daily nutritional needs (especially micronutrients). To ensure that many different nutrient sources find their way into our shopping carts, a shopping list with different types and varieties is helpful. While it helps one person not to forget certain things, it prevents another from eating only quinoa for several days. And why not try out new recipes now that we're all at home? Not every recipe is complicated, but good recipes are healthier than supermarket convenience foods. Let's take the time to prepare the shopping list well and use the time at home to get quality and variety on our plates. It all starts with the shopping list, and recipes will follow!

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