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Extra Energy for the Austrian Biathlon Team (ÖSV)

When marathon preparation begins, you often read in many newspapers and magazines about optimal training. As the marathon approaches, there are final tips, and then it's time for the start. Stress, heat, carb loading, sports drinks—these are all things that we encounter repeatedly during various summer sports events. Nutrition in sports is becoming increasingly important and interesting.

In contrast, you rarely read about the nutrition of athletes in winter. It seems as if you can get through winter without nutritional measures and still achieve the maximum. However, numerous scientific studies, a large amount of available data, and sports associations and clubs have recognized the role of nutrition in winter sports.

I have been working with the Austrian Ski Association for several months now, providing nutritional support to our athletes. Biathlon is a discipline where training and nutrition are well-coordinated, and planning is done for competitions. This is highlighted in today's article in the Salzburger Nachrichten, which focuses on Austrian biathletes before the World Cup in Hochfilzen.

Quelle: Salzburger Nachrichten am 7.12.2023
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